December 8, 2022
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Video of the week

Laughing baby giggles nonstop at a piece of paper being torn

Adorable baby? Check. Contagious laughter? Check. Silly faces? Check. If YouTube had a list for making a video popular, this might be it. With nine million views, “Baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper” has skyrocketed 8-month-old Micah into Internet stardom. The bouncy baby giggles uncontrollably as his dad rips up a job rejection letter in front of him. Two minutes of shredding shouldn’t be so funny. The baby, so amused by the sound, even tries to tear at a sheet himself at one point, looking expectantly at his dad when he doesn’t succeed. Viewers can’t help but hope Micah’s dad bombs his next interview so there can be a sequel.

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