December 3, 2022
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Watch Yourself, Wrist Watches

A friend recently told me that people made fun of him for wearing a wristwatch because he carried a cellphone. I hadn’t ever really thought about this before—how obsolete wrist watches have become. When someone asks me if I know the time, I automatically reach for my pocket and check my phone for the answer, whereas just several years ago people would just glance at their wrists. I guess my subconscious has already declared, “Rest in Peace, wristwatches.” I know a lot of people (especially those older than my generation) wear wristwatches out of convenience and habit, or even just as a fashion piece. But a lot of people just don’t care to wear a watch at all because its main function, telling time, is unnecessary when you have a phone on you at all times, as most people do these days.

But then today I read about how companies are trying to revive the wristwatch and make it a relevant, useful object again. There are several companies creating (or have already created) %image_alt%a sort of “smart watch” kind of thing. Basically, an iPod shuffle-sized screen that shows you the time AND SO MUCH MORE! (Such as: the weather, the functions of an mp3 player, news feeds, Facebook and even Twitter! Oh boy!)

OK, yes, as usual, it’s undeniably cool technology. But the question (one that plagues my mind often) is why is this a thing? Why would you pay for a super expensive “smart watch” that basically does all of the things your phone already does, and probably does better? God knows if this trend continues, one day I’ll be sitting in class and someone will lean over to me, saying, “Hey check out what Charlie Sheen tweeted just now,” holding their tiny watch up to my face so I can read the minuscule writing (#winning).

I think I’ll stick with my iPhone, thanks. Except we all know I don’t actually have one of those… I’m not bitter or anything.