March 23, 2023
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West Coast Best Coast?

While I’m an East Coast boy at heart, I can’t deny that the West Coast must be pretty legit for a band to name themselves after it. And here we have Best Coast, the definition of fun and freedom. The group consists of Bethany Consentino (vocals), Bobb Bruno (guitars) and Ali Koehler (drums).

Consentino writes all of the band’s music which usually revolves around hopeless love affairs, Snacks (her cat), or marijuana. Quite a combination. Exhibit A:

“And nothing makes me happy, not even TV or a bunch of weed. Every time you leave this house, everything falls apart.”

Nevertheless, this trio of themes results in sunny and relaxing surf pop with a psychedelic overlay. Their debut album “Crazy for You” is a hook-packed masterpiece that instantly teleports listeners to the nearest beach for some summer fun.

Break out the shades, equip yourself with some plastic palm trees (for those of us on the East Coast) and hit the boardwalk. Even if it’s still snowing, let’s just pretend summer is already here. This delusional game of make believe is brought to you by Best Coast…and probably copious amounts of weed on their part.

Click below to get acquainted with the band as they have some fun with Ronald McDonald.

Best Coast – “When I’m With You”