November 30, 2022
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William and Kate: The Movie

The wait is almost over!

The Royal Wedding is just days away and people across the world are shivering with antici…pation over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey on April 29. But I can confidently say that I’m just as excited about seeing the wedding as I am about seeing the Lifetime movie that chronicles the two lovers’ romance starting at their meeting at St. Andrews University.

Maybe that’s pushing it a bit, but who could pass up a shameless romcom?

“William and Kate” is set to air April 18 on the Lifetime cable channel and the DVD will be out April 25, just four days before the big day. Little-known British actress Camilla Luddington plays soon-to-be Princess Middleton and New Zealand-born actor Nico Evers-Swindell stars alongside her as William.

Using the ever-present media coverage of the couple’s nine-year courtship, the filmmakers have mixed reality with fiction and created the made-for-TV feature film. But even though newspapers and TV programs have documented the romance between the two, the existence of the movie just further proves that the British monarchy can’t escape the modernization of the world around them.

If I were Will and Kate, I’d ring up the film studios and thank them. The two of them are already attractive, but these actors make them look…OC attractive.