December 8, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 40°F



%image_alt%With countless glass bottles of every color, shape and size lining the shelves of cosmetic stores and beauty aisles, it’s often deceiving that each bottle of perfume contains a distinctive scent to match its signature look. That’s why Jammie Nicholas launched his truly original perfume line, Surplus. Nicholas was inspired by “The History of Shit,” a book analyzing the role of feces as a building material for cosmetics. It suggests that pleasant smells are used to cover bad smells, so Nicholas figured bad smells could cover pleasant smells. He decided to extract “essential oils” from his own specimens to produce his first bottle of Surplus. If this fecal-fragranced spray does not repulse scent-sniffing shoppers, it will most definitely trigger a few gag reflexes.

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