December 4, 2022
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Yes, I’ll take an Eco-App please

Um, yes please! I am always amazed at how many apps there are out there for the iPhones and Android phones. Thousands upon thousands of apps at your fingertips, ranging from news and blogs, to games and flashlights, the app world has it all. But what about the practical ones? Maybe you want to read your energy meter from your phone in a way you can understand or flesh out which “All Natural” products in the grocery store are actually legitimate. Well, I just so happen to stumble across a few pretty cool apps that allow you do just that.

For one, there is MeterRead. It is basically a simplified version of your house meter, but it tells you how many kilowatt hours of energy you are using and will even predict your energy use for up to 30 days. It’s about $2.99 for the iPhone, but seems like it’s simple to use.

Then we have Label Lookup. This app is awesome. Basically you can scan a label from a product you are about to buy and the program will tell you if that product is actually certified organic or is indeed all natural. It evaluates the product for you.

Perhaps you are interested in seeing how the air is doing on a specific day. Well, Pollution for the iPhone lets you look at the days pollution and its sources before you even leave home.

Finally, and perhaps my favorite eco-app of the day is ShopGreen. This app actually rewards you when you make good decisions for the environment. It saves your “points” in an Eco-bank and gives you coupons and discounts. Heck yes I’ll take it!

Ok…I’m off to download. Stay eco happy!