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Elephant in the Room

Lessons from history

Lessons from history

By Kyle Stewart May 3, 2017
We’ve had partisan differences since our founding, but we’ve proven that we can come together as one nation.
Science cannot be partisan

Science cannot be partisan

By Kyle Stewart April 26, 2017
Attempting to politicize science by saying one political ideology has a monopoly on it, however, goes too far.
Trumpism on trial

Trumpism on trial

By Kyle Stewart April 10, 2017
Throughout the campaign, Trump relied on grandiose statements rather than proposing actual policy positions.

Confirm Neil Gorsuch

By Kyle Stewart March 22, 2017
Through captivating narratives and occasional humor, he is known for making his decisions engaging and accessible to all audiences.

Persuasion, not provocation

By Kyle Stewart March 1, 2017
A serious political movement should not dwell on election success or the vilification of political opponents.

Pay attention to education

By Kyle Stewart February 15, 2017
We need to ensure that low-income students and students with disabilities are not disadvantaged by the rise of charter schools.

Resistance through Federalism

By Kyle Stewart January 31, 2017
We now look to Washington to solve every issue in our diverse nation, but those solutions often make people more bitter and divided.

Free speech is vital

By Kyle Stewart December 7, 2016
As a nation, we must reaffirm our commitment to freedom of speech. It is through exposure to a range of ideas that people can challenge their own thoughts.

Obama chose legacy over leadership

By Kyle Stewart November 28, 2016
It was Obama’s failed leadership, however, that made me slowly realize that I sided with conservatism.

GOP’s time to lead

By Kyle Stewart November 16, 2016
Our nation must continue to be a beacon of freedom and hope for our citizens and those wishing to immigrate here.

Empathy needed after election

By Kyle Stewart November 1, 2016
This election has changed our national discourse in ways that couldn’t have been predicted even four years ago.

Clinton needs a civics lesson

By Kyle Stewart October 25, 2016
Our judicial system was designed to remain above the political whims of the day, as is evidenced by lifetime appointments of justices.
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