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Mind Matters

Trigger warnings should not be used as they prevent growth

By Amelia Erikson, Columnist December 2, 2015
Trigger warnings prevent open dialogue, an important part of education on a college campus.

Worrying can actually benefit overall mental health

By Amelia Erikson, Columnist November 11, 2015
Low levels of anxiety that come with worrying can boost your cortisol just enough that it is beneficial to your overall state.

Link between physical and mental illness could reduce stigma

By Amelia Erikson, Columnist October 28, 2015
Having a physical connection with mental illness could allow people to more easily see it as something that cannot necessarily be controlled.

Stigma surrounding mental illness needs to be eliminated

By Amelia Erikson, Columnist October 7, 2015
It is exasperating, sometimes, that we need specified days to remind us to take action to prevent hurting other human beings.

Mental health research should not be privatized

By Amelia Erikson, Columnist September 23, 2015
The private sector has greater funding and does not have to jump through government hoops, but its research can also be less available to the public.

New York State Fair lacks ethnic diversity in cuisine

By Amelia Erikson September 9, 2015
This was a fair that was supposed to celebrate the whole of New York state, which includes more than just the cultures and interests of the majority.

Neuroscientist Oliver Sacks leaves powerful legacy behind

By Amelia Erikson September 2, 2015
What I find to be most influential about Sacks, though, is his influence on the general public. He was able to make neuroscience accessible.

Pixar brings insight to the world of feelings in new movie

By Amelia Erikson August 24, 2015
Pixar has given us, though in its most rudimentary form, a gateway to start understanding one of life’s most confusing challenges: feelings.

Running may be secret to health

By Amelia Erikson April 29, 2015
The conclusion that can be drawn here is that running positively impacts health.

Pilots are in need of additional mental health support

By Amelia Erickson April 15, 2015
Pilots should be required to complete certain mental health inventories to identify potential problems.

Campus community should support #getCAPSready campaign

By Amelia Erickson April 8, 2015
CAPS needs more funding, it needs more counselors and it needs the strength of the student body to achieve that.

Social media proves useful for mental health advocacy

By Amelia Erickson March 25, 2015
Using social media will improve outreach and will, hopefully, prompt more people to get the help they need.
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