September 22, 2021
Ithaca, NY | 71°F

The Ithacan is the student-run publication of Ithaca College. We produce daily online content along with a weekly print edition. Our publication, one of the premier newspapers in the country, produces student content for news, arts, entertainment, culture and college sports. We also produce blogs, podcasts, audio slideshows and videos.

Alexis Manore


  • Caitlin Holtzman

    News Editor

  • Syd Pierre

    Asst. News Editor

  • Jillian Bleier

    Asst. News Editor

  • Gianny Guzman

    Opinion Editor

  • Eva Salzmann

    Life & Culture Editor

  • Elijah de Castro

    Asst. Life & Culture Editor

  • Connor Glunt

    Sports Editor

  • Tommy Mumau

    Asst. Sports Editor

  • Anna McCracken

    Design Editor

  • Alyssa Beebe

    Asst. Photo Editor

  • Ana Maniaci McGough

    Asst. Photo Editor

  • Erika Perkins

    Multimedia Editor

  • Meg Marzella


  • Zahra Sandhu

    Asst. Proofreader

  • Maggie Haefner

    Chief Copy Editor

  • Ilyana Castillo

    Podcast Editor

  • Cassandra Logedo

    Community Outreach Manager

  • Abby Moore

    Social Media Manager

  • Camille Brock

    Ad Sales Manager

  • Sam Edelstein

    Web Director