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January 23, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

The Ithacan is the student-run publication of Ithaca College. We produce daily online content along with a weekly print edition. Our publication, one of the premier newspapers in the country, produces student content for news, arts, entertainment, culture and college sports. We also produce blogs, podcasts, audio slideshows and videos.

Sophia Adamucci


  • Zoë Freer-Hessler

    Managing Editor

  • Madison Fernandez

    News Editor

  • Alexis Manore

    Asst. News Editor

  • Ashley Stalnecker

    Asst. News Editor

  • Brontë Cook

    Opinion Editor

  • Avery Alexander

    Life & Culture Editor

  • Arleigh Rodgers

    Asst. Life & Culture Editor

  • Emily Adams

    Sports Editor

  • Lauren White

    Asst. Sports Editor

  • Anna Costa

    Design Editor

  • Erika Liberati

    Asst. Design Editor

  • Kristen Harrison

    Photo Editor

  • Molly Bailot

    Asst. Photo Editor

  • Abbey London

    Asst. Photo Editor

  • Nick Macaluso

    Co-Multimedia Editor

  • Adriana Darcy

    Co-Multimedia Editor

  • Jackie Marusiak

    Podcast Editor

  • Emily Lussier


  • Lauren Leone

    Asst. Proofreader

  • Becky Mehorter

    Chief Copy Editor

  • Jordan Herson

    Advertising Sales Manager

  • Jessica Elman

    Social Media Editor

  • Sam Edelstein

    Web Director