January 31, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 24°F

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Climate warriors: exploring ways to combat climate change

Chris Trudeau, right, is a car-free advocate and a founding member of Ebike Ithaca who also works for Boxy Bikes, a local bike shop that has electric bikes for sale and for rent. PJ Arroyo, a community member at Ithaca’s Circus Culture, rides a unicycle during the event. David Hopkins, a beekeeper educator, sold honey at the Climate Solutions Fair from Sky Barn Apiaries in Willseyville, New York. As a beekeeper at Sky Barn, Hopkins mentors new beekeepers with equipment, facilities and bee knowledge. Two young girls who attended the Climate Solutions Fair dressed up and posed together in front of a makeshift photo booth located at the Press Bay Alley event April 23.
From left, Casper Fox and Josue San Emeterio experiment with fire during the Climate Solutions Fair: We Can Fix This & It Will Be Fun event April 23 in Press Bay Alley. The experiment was part of The Ithaca Physics Bus, a mobile exhibition and grassroots organization that seeks to boost interest in the field for all ages by conducting engaging physics experiments.


The Climate Solutions Fair: We Can Fix This & It Will Be Fun was help on April 23 in Press Bay Alley. The event featured booths, live entertainment and activities for all participants. The fair sparked conversation about climate issues and explored ways to combat climate change.