June 3, 2023
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Drinking out at Ithaca bars

Ithaca Beer Co.

With options to sit outside on a backyard-like patio or inside the warehouse, Ithaca Beer Co. is the place to go if you are looking for a laid-back and relaxing evening out. It has an extensive food menu, which makes it the perfect spot to bring visiting friends and family. 

During the late afternoon, the space is not too crowded, but it can get busy very fast, so make sure you get there on the early side to ensure there’s an open table for you. Along with a flight of beer, you can get a french fry flight with three of Ithaca Beer Co.’s specialty dipping sauces.


Gin, grapefruit, green tea and honey are mixed to create the Blue Skies drink, which is topped with crème de violet. Eleanor Kay/The Ithacan

Greenhouse Cafe and Cocktail Lounge

With its plant-lined windows and tables, Greenhouse Cafe and Cocktail Lounge is the perfect place to stop by for either a coffee or libations.

Located just off The Commons, Greenhouse has an extensive cocktail, beer and wine list and offers the option to create a wine flight for the indecisive wine lovers. The homey atmosphere is great for conversation and can be used as a study space during the day. Coffee and pastries are available to fuel people during study sessions. If you are missing the greenery during gray Ithaca winters, Greenhouse is the perfect spot to surround yourself with lively energy. 







South Hill Cider’s cider flight consists of the Farmhouse, the Baldwin, the Old Time and the Rosé, but customers can substitute any kind. The Pommeau, a port-style cider with brandy, was substituted for the Rosé in this flight. Eleanor Kay/The Ithacan

South Hill Cider

Located near Buttermilk Falls is South Hill Cider, another option with indoor and outdoor seating but with a classier vibe than Ithaca Beer Co. When it’s warm, you can sit outside and view the orchards and sit around a firepit. During the cooler months, you can enjoy the view from indoor comfort.

South Hill Cider offers a wide range of ciders, from dryer and still ciders to sweet and bold fizzy ciders — and you can try multiple in a cider flight. To enhance the experience, you can order cheese boards, sandwiches and housemade snacks. This is the place to spend a calm afternoon with friends or family.








A popular cocktail at Argos Warehouse is the Flora & Fauna, which combines gin, local honey, lime and bitters to create a smooth yet light and fruity drink. Eleanor Kay/The Ithacan

Argos Warehouse Lounge & Event Space

Down a dimly lit hallway lined with bookshelves is a large room filled with velvet couches, high tops and wooden tables. 

The menu features more basic cocktails, like margaritas, martinis and Aperol spritzes. Also featured are exciting concoctions, like Argos’ own twist on a paloma or the Queen’s Park Hotel Super Cocktail made with rum, vermouth, lime, grenadine and Angostura bitters. Argos Warehouse has a selection of liquors and also has three kinds of absinthe to try for those who are feeling more adventurous. The warehouse offers a few mocktail options for those who prefer a non-alcoholic beverage. While the drink options are extensive, the food options are more limited, with selections like seasoned popcorn and a mix of nuts and olives.

The cocktails are on the pricier side, but the darker, “White Lotus”-like energy makes for an exciting and mysterious evening.




The Persephone is a craft cocktail for people who enjoy mellowly fruity and bitter drinks. The pomegranate tequila, cranberry juice and elderflower liqueur work together to create a drier drink, best for warm days. It is the perfect accompaniment for a game of Battleship. Eleanor Kay/The Ithacan

Modern Alchemy Game Bar

Modern Alchemy Game Bar is the perfect spot for groups of friends to chat over drinks while playing fun board games. After 9 p.m., the bar is reserved for people ages 21 and up, but any time before then is open to all. The craft cocktail list is adventurous and also features a mocktail section with non-alcoholic drink options. The food menu features pizzas, sandwiches and wraps along with multiple appetizers to keep you fueled while gaming.

The bar also offers video games and holds weekly events like art night, trivia night and Magic: The Gathering league meetings. If you are looking for a fun but low-stakes night, Modern Alchemy Game Bar is the place to go.