November 30, 2022
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‘In My Own Words’: He’s Not Your Professor –– The life of a 58-year-old student

Michael Mulvey has lived a long and full life. He was born in the ’60s. He lived through the counterculture. He experienced the promise and tumult of the ’80s that damned him, like many others. He was incarcerated. And he’ll speak about it all if you ask him, but you won’t find him in front of the classroom. Michael Mulvey is 58 years old and living on Ithaca College’s campus as a nontraditional student. When he walks into a classroom, it may be easy to mistake him for one, but he’s not your professor.

In this episode of “In My Own Words,” Glenn Epps speaks with Michael Mulvey, a senior politics major, active musician and impassioned activist. Mulvey shares his experience being a nontraditional student on a predominantly traditional college campus and his opinion on the toxicity of cultural expectations and demands

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