March 23, 2023
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In My Own Words: Murals and Graffiti as Art in Public Spaces

This week on “In My Own Words,” Glenn Epps spoke with Caleb Thomas, a local muralist and graffiti artist who co-founded Ithaca Murals, a group that connects local artists and muralists with surfaces to paint on. Thomas shares how Ithaca Murals came to be — as an advocate for social justice and equity, a promoter of town pride and beautification, and a pipeline for public discourse. On the topic of public discourse through art, the two discuss the messages of solicited (murals) and unsolicited (graffiti) art in public spaces.

Below is a gallery of some of the artwork in the Ithaca area:


Ithaca-Murals-Logo-Circle-Square IMG_3772 DSC06674 14---B70G6_VIEAEqZYJ 13925825_10210415490247025_6553991432050569914_o 11---best-DSC00091 11---419629_3133092059920_1338305433_n 6---DSC03850 5---DSC03891 2---Best-Amir-Roti
The Muslim Culture Mural is located in the Ithaca parking garage. The mural is titled "PORTALS TO PEACE" and was conceived and painted by muralist Lachlan Chambliss with help from many Ithaca volunteers. COURTESY OF ITHACA MURALS










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