March 22, 2023
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‘In My Own Words’: A Culture of Coverup, System of Abuse – The Catholic Church

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On August 14, a thorough report issued by the grand jury of Pennsylvania was released to the public. The report revealed over 900 cases of physical and sexual abuse of children within the six dioceses of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, and it named 300 priests responsible. It also exposed the systemic coverup by senior officials and the Vatican to hide the abuse. With the report spanning nearly 50 years and authorities claiming that 900 remains a gross underestimation, what does this forecast for the Catholic Church? Can the Catholic Church redeem itself?

In this episode of “In My Own Words,” Glenn Epps talks with Erin Broussard, president of the Ithaca College Catholic Community, about what the report means for the Catholic Church and how she navigates her religion in light of what she knows. Broussard also shares her opinion on Pope Francis’ response to allegations of his involvement in Cardinal McCarrick’s coverup and what she sees as the future of the church.

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