February 6, 2023
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‘In My Own Words’: The literacy we needed to learn

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All month, we’ll be bringing you a little something different here at “In My Own Words”: a three-part series analyzing the media. We’ll be taking a look at the role media plays in various parts of our lives and tackling charged conversation topics that others just can’t seem to solve on Twitter.

Media is all around us. It’s on our cereal boxes, our T-shirts, our laptops and our televisions. We read it on our phones, in our books — textbooks too — and on the sides of buses during our morning commute. Every aspect of our day is wrought with media consumption that informs our thoughts, beliefs and decisions. But, unlike language, mathematics and history, we aren’t taught to think about media critically. On the subject of media, a great deal of us are illiterate. Former FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson said “All television is educational, the only question is what does it teach?” All media is educational and we must ask ourselves what is it teaching us? What is the message and, most importantly, is it the truth? In this episode of “In My Own Words,” we’re examining how the media around us influences our daily life, relationships, society and politics and what we can do to become more media literate with Cyndy Scheibe, executive director of Project Look Sharp .

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