May 30, 2023
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Review: Gracie Abrams wishes ‘Good Riddance’ to her past

By | Mar 19, 2023

“Good Riddance” provides a window into artist Gracie Abrams’ mind. What makes it even more impressive is that this is her debut album.

Review: Gorillaz sets off in a new direction on vibey record

By | Mar 8, 2023

“Cracker Island” is the most personal a Gorillaz album has ever felt, taking a more laid-back approach to its sound.

Review: Caroline Polachek visualizes desire on new record

By | Mar 7, 2023

“Desire, I Want to Turn Into You” is a convincing title: Polachek seems to be so obsessed with desire itself that she wants to become an emotion.

Review: New Skrillex album is fun but overstays its welcome

By | Mar 1, 2023

“Quest for Fire” marks a solid return for Skrillex, although it begs the question: was anyone really asking for more Skrillex in 2023?

Review: Andy Shauf is back with ambitious concept album

By | Feb 27, 2023

“Norm” sees Andy Shauf return to another fascinating concept album in one of his most ambitious undertakings to date.

Review: Pierce the Veil is late to the punch once again

By | Feb 23, 2023

“The Jaws of Life” is a sad reminder that Pierce the Veil is still riding the coattails of a genre that has expired past its prime. 

Review: Paramore is back and better than ever

By | Feb 21, 2023

Longtime fans of Paramore who have grown up listening to their music now have “This Is Why,” an album that shows the band’s maturity over the years.

Review: Shania Twain’s new album isn’t queen of much

By | Feb 16, 2023

Shania Twain’s new album “Queen of Me” falls under the umbrella of uninspired, bland and generic country music.

Review: Raye’s debut album is personal and vulnerable

By | Feb 14, 2023

Throughout the course of just her first studio album, Raye masters the art of storytelling — something that is often lost in modern-day music.

Review: R&B trio blends musical ideas to great effect

By | Feb 14, 2023

“Heavy Heavy” sees the R&B Scottish trio, Young Fathers, beautifully showcasing the power of blending musical cultures together.

Review: Lil Yachty turns to psychedelic rock

By | Feb 9, 2023

On “Let’s Start Here,” Lil Yachty reinvents himself. What is most surprising is how comfortable he seems to be in the world of rock.

Review: Parannoul captures how it feels to grow up

By | Feb 9, 2023

South Korean shoegaze artist, Parannoul, returns with a sophomore album that provides comfort to the terrifying reality of growing up in the world.