October 2, 2022
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Review: “Blue Banisters” sees Lana Del Rey in peak form

By | Nov 2, 2021

“Blue Banisters” keeps Del Rey’s usual themes of Americana melancholia, but adds a newfound beauty with experimental sound and vocals.

Review: PinkPantheress leaves TikTok in excellent debut mixtape

By | Oct 27, 2021

On her new mixtape “to hell with it,” PinkPantheress proves that she is more than just a trending sound on TikTok.

Review: Remi Wolf offers unique blend of pop, funk and soul

By | Oct 25, 2021

On “Juno,” the complex makeup of the album’s tracks makes it impossible to simply thrown on as background music. 

Review: Singles for the week 10/18

By | Oct 25, 2021

Singles for the week 10/18.

Review: Repetitive love songs fill latest James Blake album

By | Oct 21, 2021

“Friends That Break Your Heart,” chooses to mine the same vein that produced James Blake’s best work many years ago, only to find it has run dry.

Review: New album features annoyingly repetitive melodies

By | Oct 19, 2021

“BADBADNOTGOOD” has brought listeners “Talk Memory,” an album that features annoying and repetitive melodies with an aimless ambiance.

Review: Singles for the week 10/11

By | Oct 18, 2021

Singles for the week 10/11.

Review: Poppy’s latest record is an intriguing take on metal

By | Oct 6, 2021

On her new record “Flux” Poppy has traded her bleached-blonde bubblegum pop for an intriguing, raven-haired take on heavy metal.

Review: New concept album is perfect for movie lovers

By | Oct 6, 2021

On “A Beginner’s Mind,” Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine spent a summer in the woods to create the perfect concept album.

Review: Singles of the Week 9/27

By | Oct 5, 2021

Singles for the week 9/27.

Review: Singles for the week 9/20

By | Sep 28, 2021

Singles for the week 9/20.

Review: Album debut of Lil Nas X is full of instant classics

By | Sep 28, 2021

The long-awaited album debut of Lil Nas X is bursting with creativity, crisp vocals and a shameless embracement of queerness.