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Review: Singles for the week of 4/14

“Everybody Here Hates You”

Courtney Barnett

Released April 8, 2019

Marathon Artists

Courtney Barnett’s latest release is a sarcastic, edgy rock ‘n’ roll track that calls out the irrationality of crippling self-doubt. Clawing her way out of the distressing world her insecurities built, Barnett sings, “You said, ‘It’s only in your head/They’re probably thinking the same thing.”



Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc

Released April 10, 2019

Avicii Recordings AB

The first posthumous single released since Avicii’s tragic death a year ago, “SOS” discusses sleepless nights, battles with drugs and uncertain relationships. Aloe Blacc’s robust vocals perfectly compliment Avicii’s catchy production.


“Yours or Mine”


Released April 12, 2019

Simco Limited

This “X Factor” winning manband creates a catchy fusion of pop, reggaeton and rap. Though the overall sound of the song sounds lighthearted and danceable, the lyrics poetically outline the torture of being in a failing relationship: “I wanna sleep through the night without your demons kickin’ me/I wanna wake to a day where it’s really you and me/Without the scramblin’ noise over our reverie/Without the simple things that turn it to pullin’ teeth.”