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Review: ‘The Velvet Underground’ does justice to band’s legacy

By | Oct 25, 2021

“The Velvet Underground” is a beautiful documentary that recounts the role of the eponymous band in the 1960’s avant-garde scene in New York City.

Review: Remi Wolf offers unique blend of pop, funk and soul

By | Oct 25, 2021

On “Juno,” the complex makeup of the album’s tracks makes it impossible to simply thrown on as background music. 

Review: Singles for the week 10/18

By | Oct 25, 2021

Singles for the week 10/18.

Review: Repetitive love songs fill latest James Blake album

By | Oct 21, 2021

“Friends That Break Your Heart,” chooses to mine the same vein that produced James Blake’s best work many years ago, only to find it has run dry.

Review: New album features annoyingly repetitive melodies

By | Oct 19, 2021

“BADBADNOTGOOD” has brought listeners “Talk Memory,” an album that features annoying and repetitive melodies with an aimless ambiance.

Review: Scandinavian horror movie has tremendous banalities

By | Oct 19, 2021

“Lamb” is not so much an art film as it is an artifice film that gestures at the complex themes that it aspires to have.

Review: 25th Bond movie overcomes all the odds

By | Oct 18, 2021

“No Time to Die,” Daniel Craig’s final role as James Bond, offers a combination of intense action and rich emotion that is shaken, not stirred.

Review: Singles for the week 10/11

By | Oct 18, 2021

Singles for the week 10/11.

Review: “The Sopranos” story deepens with new gangster film

By | Oct 17, 2021

“The Many Saints of Newark,” a follow-up to “The Sopranos” is able to balance between nostalgia and genuine entertainment.

Review: “NBA 2k22” game adds nothing to the series

By | Oct 17, 2021

“NBA 2K22” is the perfect representation of how stale and brain-numbing the NBA 2K series has become.

Review: Jon Stewart makes timely return to the small screen

By | Oct 16, 2021

Having embraced his age and his deepened empathy, Jon Stewart has made a timely return, leaning away from light humor and into passionate activism.

Review: “Raw” director returns with brilliantly disturbing film

By | Oct 16, 2021

“Titane” is a brilliant sophomore effort from “Raw” director Julia Ducournau and continues her brand of French extremism.