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Review: Poppy’s latest record is an intriguing take on metal

By | Oct 6, 2021

On her new record “Flux” Poppy has traded her bleached-blonde bubblegum pop for an intriguing, raven-haired take on heavy metal.

Review: New concept album is perfect for movie lovers

By | Oct 6, 2021

On “A Beginner’s Mind,” Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine spent a summer in the woods to create the perfect concept album.

Review: Video game excellently balances whimsy with fear

By | Oct 5, 2021

Toby Fox’s latest video game “Deltarune: Chapter 2” was a surprise drop, but offers a special balance of whimsy and fear.

Review: Singles of the Week 9/27

By | Oct 5, 2021

Singles for the week 9/27.

Review: Ballet film fails at following rules of storytelling

By | Oct 4, 2021

“Birds of Paradise” tries to be like the famous ballet film “Black Swan,” but consistently violates show don’t tell, a foundational storytelling rule.

Review: Latest Nick Cage disaster features disturbing scenes

By | Sep 28, 2021

The newest Nick Cage movie is as disturbing in its excessive gore as it is in the way it treats its female characters.

Review: Singles for the week 9/20

By | Sep 28, 2021

Singles for the week 9/20.

Review: Clint Eastwood makes welcome return to the western genre

By | Sep 28, 2021

At 91, Clint Eastwood has accepted the deconstruction of his own image while having another go at the genre that made him famous.

Review: Album debut of Lil Nas X is full of instant classics

By | Sep 28, 2021

The long-awaited album debut of Lil Nas X is bursting with creativity, crisp vocals and a shameless embracement of queerness.

Review: Sensitive drama captures the little moments

By | Sep 27, 2021

Justin Chon’s new film Blue Bayou is a hard-hitting drama about the plights of an American immigrant from Korea.

Review: Kasey Musgraves album challenges expectations

By | Sep 23, 2021

The newest Kasey Musgraves record “star-crossed” challenges the expectations of a break-up record and explores emotions associated with a break-up.

Review: Latest Baby Keem album is consistently mediocre

By | Sep 23, 2021

Although personal and interesting, the new Baby Keem album “The Melodic Blue” is consistently mediocre.