June 5, 2023
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Tacos CDMX brings out the flavors of Mexico

Nestled between the Ithaca ReUse Center and Pat’s Pizzeria along Elmira Road lives a metal shack. The shack has no electricity, but it has been churning out the best tacos in Ithaca ever since July 2022, much to the community’s admiration. The man running this business is Eduardo Acevedo, who seeks to capture the street food that runs rampant through major cities while still being authentic to his Mexican cuisine.

The menu is simple but perfect. There are six types of tacos on the menu: al pastor, asada, pollo, chorizo, cow tongue and cow cheek, and you can wash it down with a variety of sodas. There is also a wide range of salsas to choose from, with varying degrees of spiciness — all of them are delicious in their own right.

While the minimal exterior may be a sign of the simplicity of Tacos CDMX’s menu options, it does not reflect the maximal flavors and heart that is put into its tacos. The asada taco has a perfectly marinated steak that harmonizes with its morita salsa to create a triumphant chorus of flavor. The pollo taco provides a rich and tender flavor that shadows every chicken taco that has ever existed. And the al pastor taco uses adobe pork seasoning mixed with pineapple, definitive proof that we are in the good timeline. The sweetness of the pineapple enhances the sweetness of the pork while the adobe seasonings provide grounding to this otherworldly experience. All that with some onions, cilantro and chipotle salsa work together to meld into a wonderful and authentic eating experience. And for those that wish to try something more unique than your standard taco fare, the cow tongue taco is a delicious treat that is far sweeter than one would imagine. 

There are many things to admire about Acevedo’s humble taco stand, but what should be greatly appreciated is Acevedo himself. Business will slow down because he talks with customers in line, even making fun of them sometimes. He tries to create a “melting pot” where people of all backgrounds, classes and every marginal difference meet together and have some of the best tacos ever made in Central New York. While the $5 per taco can be seen as pricey, it is important to remember that this is not just any taco. It has the best meat, the best ingredients and authentic flavors that other restaurants in Ithaca have not captured. After talking with Acevedo, he spoke about the next steps for Tacos CDMX. It is planning to relocate in the next couple of weeks to Green Street, and the expanded kitchen will lead to an expanded menu, including stews and Guatemalan food. 

While the seating is essentially non-existent at CDMX Tacos, just two picnic benches,  the tacos themselves make up for it with staggering efficiency. Whether the eater is playing it safe with a pollo taco with fresca salsa, or being adventurous and taking on a cow tongue taco with morita, there is always a great meal waiting to be had. If there is ever a taco that needs to be eaten, it’s obvious that it is at a small metal shack just down Elmira Road.

Andrew Tell can be reached at atell@ithaca.edu