November 26, 2022
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Ithaca College students adapt to campus life during a pandemic

Residential Director Tanner Jones helps Freshman Ava Goossen with check-in Jan. 28 at the A&E Center. ALYSSA BEEBE/THE ITHACAN

Freshman Christian Bockrath moved into Holmes Hall Jan. 28 in 13-degree weather. His parents could not help him move into his dorm beyond the front door of the hall per Ithaca College’s new CVOID-19 safety policies. ALYSSA BEEBE/THE ITHACAN

Students lined up to check into their housing Jan. 28 at the A&E Center before starting a mandatory 24-hour quarantine. ALYSSA BEEBE/THE ITHACAN

Sophomores Rachel Rose and Meredith Garrity work in the Ithaca College Library during the first mini-break Feb. 16. The college is giving students five of these in place of this semester’s spring break. MIKAYLA ELWELL/THE ITHACAN

Freshman Scout Frost walks through the “Entrance Only” doors into Phillips Hall on Feb. 2. BEC LEGATO/THE ITHACAN

IC Square provides a space on campus where students can remove their masks to eat. ASH BAILOT/THE ITHACAN

Cyndy Scheibe, professor in the Department of Psychology, teaches a hybrid classroom of students in person and on Zoom Feb. 15 in the Emerson Suites. ASH BAILOT/THE ITHACAN