August 2, 2021
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Current Podcasts

Deja View

By Rachael Weinberg and Diego Medina

Each week, host Rachael Weinberg watches and analyzes new releases and compares them to the classic movies that influenced them.

How IC Sports

By Gabby Laccona and Kaitlin Maniscalco

How IC Sports is a podcast about Ithaca College sports and student athletes. Each episode, hosts Kaitlin Maniscalco and Gabby Laccona sit down with athletes across campus to discuss their experience as a student athlete.


In Re:Mixing, a music analysis and criticism podcast, host Arleigh Rodgers asks guests to create a playlist with songs that represent some part of who they are.

The Brown Girl Chronicles

The Brown Girl Chronicles is a podcast highlighting the life experiences of host Sobeida Rosa and how they intersect with the people around her. Each episode, Rosa discusses topics surrounding social justice and intersectionality with her guest.

The Intersection

The Intersection, hosted by Frankie Walls, is a podcast about intersectionality and how identity is a large part of our lives. Our identities make up who we are in the world, or in this case the Ithaca College Community. Our life experiences, our race, our ethnicity, our sexual orientation, and so much more shape who we are and who we wish to be in the world. This podcast is a conversation, so we can give a new perspective to something you never gave thought to before.

The Moon Rises Too

The Moon Rises Too is a personal growth podcast that discusses the journey to making peace with ourselves by exploring and embracing the darkness within. Host Nijha Young will encourage listeners to join her on this journey as she learns about practices like journaling, introspection, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness and more.

The Pride Pod

By Bec Legato and Helena McMahon

In The Pride Pod, hosts Bec Legato and Helena McMahon discuss a prominent person from the LGBTQ+ community to learn more about them and how they have contributed to the community through a series of queries, fun facts and narrative.