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Alumni Profile: Michael Staub

For students at Ithaca College, future career opportunities may seem daunting. But surveys indicate that 97 percent of students find a job or enter graduate school within a year of graduation. Contributing writers Moira Colley and Danielle Paccione spoke to six recent alumni from each school about their experiences after graduation.

Name Michael Staub ’06
Major Finance and accounting with minors in economics and mathematics
Current employer/position Investment Banking Analyst at Merrill Lynch & Co.
Location New York City
What he does Staub works with companies in the energy and power industries to provide them with access to the capital markets, and he offers strategic advisory services.
“I personally perform the underlying analysis for such transactions, including valuing companies’ assets, or running various financing scenarios,” he said.
What got him there During the fall of his junior year, Staub applied for summer internships at major investment banks and maintained connections with alumni and recruiters. Though he interned with Merrill Lynch the summer following his sophomore year and gained contacts and relevant work experience, Staub still participated in more than 30 interviews.
Staub also founded the Ithaca College Investment Club during his senior year. The Investment Club allows students to become familiar with the investment side of business. The student-run mutual fund now manages more than $20,000.
Challenges Though landing a job in the competitive world of investment banking is among his proudest accomplishments, Staub said he still faces challenges with balancing his personal life and professional life. Staub said it’s typical to work 90 to 100 hours a week, including time on the weekends.
“The line certainly blurs, so it is important to keep everything in perspective and remember that you work to live, not live to work,” he said.