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Alumni Profile: Trish Camia

For students at Ithaca College, future career opportunities may seem daunting. But surveys indicate that 97 percent of students find a job or enter graduate school within a year of graduation. Contributing writers Moira Colley and Danielle Paccione spoke to six recent alumni from each school about their experiences after graduation.

Name Trish Camia ’06
Major Sociology with a concentration in clinical studies
Current employer/position Intern at the Child Abuse Prevention Center; Graduate Student at NYU
Location New York City
What she does The social workers and interns make home visits across the country to provide counseling to parents who need help learning appropriate discipline skills and information about their children’s developmental behavior.
What got her there While at the college in fall 2005, Camia interned at the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance and was an assistant teacher in a research methods course.
Challenges Camia said adjusting to the emotional work at her field placement with the Child Abuse Prevention Center was her biggest achievement — but also her biggest challenge.
“It was also difficult to get used to working with the particular population … for many of them are low-income families, struggling to get by each day, while maintaining the lifestyle of being a parent,” Camia said.