February 7, 2023
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Campus community pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

Following the death of Nelson Mandela on Dec. 5., the African Students Association held a presentation honoring Mandela on Dec. 10 in Textor 102. The tribute gave members of the community a chance to discuss what they thought Mandela meant to the world.

The discussion began with speeches about Mandela by members of the ASA. Junior Steven Lartey, vice president of the ASA, said Mandela leaves behind a legacy of peace.

“Mandela’s passing is a reminder of personality, tenacity and humility,” Lartey said. “It is also a reminder of the great things we — as humanity — we can do together.”

Mandela was an avid opponent of apartheid in South Africa and spent 27 years in prison for treason. After being released, he was elected president in the country’s first all-race election. The anti-apartheid activist died at the age of 95 from a lung infection, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Sophomore Fiyinfoluwa Adeyemo said Mandela’s efforts to end apartheid in South Africa made him an inspiration.

“Mandela was a radical, inspirational and authentic leader who saw injustice and could see no other option but to fight it,” Adeyemo said. “He led by example, spending his life fighting for the good of the people of South Africa.”

While the discussion focused on Mandela’s life, Matt Mogekwu, associate professor of journalism, said people need to do more than just remember Mandela. Mogekwu said people should honor Mandela by practicing his ideas of peace and love.

“We show we appreciate Mandela if we begin to behave within the context of humanity,” Mogekwu said. “We love Mandela; let us show it.”