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College adds new administrative positions

The Office of the Provost at Ithaca College announced March 19 that the provost is currently seeking applications for three new positions: associate provost for academic programs, associate provost for faculty affairs and faculty advocate.

Dave Maley, director of public relations, said the new provost positions are a result of a re-examination of the structure of the Office of the Provost. He also said the position of vice provost for academic programs, which is currently held by Danette Johnson, will not be filled upon her departure later this year.

The Intercom announcement, posted by Danette Johnson, vice provost of academic programs, stated that employees will begin these new positions at the end of Spring 2019.

The associate provost for academic programs position will oversee undergraduate and graduate program planning, assess current academic programs and collaborate with other offices on campus to review academic programs. The associate provost for faculty affairs position is tasked to collaborate with other offices and committees on campus to oversee the faculty recruitment, development and retention processes at the college. The last position, faculty advocate, is not located in the Office of the Provost and will serve as a neutral listener and counselor for faculty members to approach. The person selected for this job will help solve conflicts, provide feedback and suggest referrals.

According to the announcement, all three positions require that applicants be a current, tenured member of the college’s faculty. The faculty advocate will be appointed for a three-year, part-time term, and the other two positions in the Office of the Provost are both three-year, 12-month terms.

For the associate provost positions, applicants are urged to send a current curriculum vitae and a letter explaining their applicable experience to provost@ithaca.edu. Those interested in the faculty advocate position are asked to also send a current curriculum vitae and a letter explaining their applicable experience to tswensen@ithaca.edu.

Krissy Waite can be reached at kwaite@ithaca.edu or via Twitter: @krissy_waite