February 8, 2023
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College announces ICC director reappointed

Ithaca College announced Feb. 4 that Susan Adams Delaney, associate professor in the Department of Writing, has been selected to serve as the director of the Integrative Core Curriculum, also known as the ICC, for a three-year term.

Delaney has been serving as the interim director of the ICC since August 2018. The post was previously held by Vincent DeTuri, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, who left the college in May 2018 to become an associate dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at SUNY Cortland.

Prior to becoming interim director of the ICC, Delaney served as a chair of the Committee on College-Wide Requirements, a subcommittee of the ICC during the 2013–14 academic year. She is also the former director of first-year composition in the Department of Writing. She said she also previously teamed up with Mary Lourdes Silva, associate professor in the Department of Writing, and four students to study the e-portfolio program.

This comes at an important time, as the ICC is undergoing a review process.

The review is meant to examine the effectiveness of the program. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education recommended the college review the program. In 2020, Delaney will submit the recommendations she chooses to implement to the college.

Delaney said she is looking forward to leading the ICC and working toward improving it.

“I’m excited about this opportunity,” she said. “While I recognize the ICC’s limitations and challenges, I’m also a firm believer in integrative learning and reflective thinking. I’m looking forward to the results of the rigorous program review that’s underway now.”

She said she she is planning to bring a student-focused approach to the position.  

“One of my goals for the next year is to establish substantive and sustainable roles for students within the ICC, so that student perspectives are always represented,” she said.

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