January 28, 2023
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College prepares for annual Sexfest

Information about safe sex, healthy relationships and free condoms will be offered at “Sex Fest” at 7 p.m. Monday in Emerson Suites.

Sexfest is organized by the Ithaca College Residence Hall Association. The event is meant to educate students on sexual health.

There will be tables for student organizations, such as IC Feminists, to give information to attendees about sexuality.

IC Feminists wants to dispel myths about sex in college and in society, junior Rebecca Billings, who works in community outreach for IC Feminists, said.

“Everyone has different physical, emotional and sexual needs,” Billings said. “Whether you’re in a relationship or just hooking up, people need to communicate.”

Senior Jesse Maeshiro, a co-president of Students Active For Ending Rape, said communication plays an important role in reducing rape.

“When sex is taboo and people don’t talk about it, they make bad choices,” Maeshiro said. “We need to look at sex as a reality and not as a taboo.”

A lack of sexual education enables rape culture, senior Johanna Leister, a treasurer of SAFER, said.

“We see the media’s gender roles. Male domination is a common theme, and women are objectified,” Leister said. “Sexual violence is common yet overlooked.”

Prizes and free condoms will be available at the event.

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