February 8, 2023
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College reacts swiftly to PRW glass damage

A glass pane was repaired in the Peggy Ryan Williams Center after the glass of a window on the third floor broke and fell to the first floor March 1.

 Thomas Dunn, investigator for the Office of Public Safety, said Public Safety arrived on the scene March 1 after an employee in PRW notified them about the broken glass.

 Dunn said it was the inner pane of a double pane window on the third floor that was damaged.

 “We portioned off some of the first floor so the broken glass wouldn’t hit someone [during the repair],” he said.

 Richard Couture, associate vice president of the office of facilities, said the damaged glass panel had been repaired, and maintenance checked the surrounding panels for damage.

 He said no one reported seeing how the glass was broken and that he is unsure of how the glass pane had been damaged.

 “We don’t know if it was vandalism or if it was just a bad pane of glass,” Couture said.

Dunn said that there haven’t been any other incidents of glass damage in PRW.

 Quay Thompson, principal associate at Holt Architects, an architecture firm in Ithaca, was the team leader during the design of the PRW project. Thompson said he was surprised to learn about the damaged pane. He said it was unlikely that the glass broke on its own and suggested that someone might have bumped into the pane.

 “We have to acknowledge as architects that these buildings we’re building are going to get a lot of use and sometimes abuse,” Thompson said.