March 23, 2023
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College to hold accepted student events

Ithaca Today and An Inside Look, two annual admission events, will be held April 12–13. In addition, this year’s events will be accompanied by a comedy show featuring Seth Meyers at 8 p.m. April 12 in the Athletics and Events Center. Eric Maguire, vice president of enrollment and communication, has been working with Gerard Turbide, director of admission, as well as several other departments across campus to organize the admission weekend.

Maguire said the purpose of Ithaca Today is to provide an opportunity for accepted students and their families to visit the college and learn about the academics, student life and everything else the college has to offer. An Inside Look is a program, held the same weekend, for African, Latino, Asian and Native American students to learn more about the specific resources available to them on campus. The events are meant to help accepted students make an informed decisions about submitting their deposits as the May 1 deadline approaches.

News Editor Sabrina Knight conducted an email interview with Maguire about what current students should expect to see around campus and how they can get involved during Ithaca Today.

Sabrina Knight: What sorts of events will be held during Ithaca Today?

Eric Maguire: Participants in the Ithaca Today program can choose from a range of activities that include campus and residential tours, an academic fair, Q&A with current students or a panel of senior administrators, a student activities fair, financial aid information sessions and specific programming in each of our schools.

 SK: How can current students participate?

EM: A number of current students serve in paid or volunteer roles to make sure the Ithaca Today program is a success. Each year, parents compliment me on our students for their warmth, insight and engagement. Our current students really make this a special event.

SK: How is the college utilizing resources to make the event happen the way it does?

EM: The greatest resource that we contribute to this program is our human resource, and I am tremendously proud of the turnout, dedication and commitment to a quality experience that the campus community contributes. There are countless folks across campus who lend their time and expertise to this event.

SK: An Inside Look will follow Saturday’s Ithaca Today event. What will that program entail for prospective students?

EM: An Inside Look includes a dinner and keynote address by Dr. Sean Eversley Bradwell [assistant professor in the Center for the Study of Culture, Race and Ethnicity], time for prospective students to informally connect with current students and entertainment in the form of our Seth Meyers event.

SK: What’s the difference between Ithaca Today and An Inside Look?

EM: Ithaca Today provides participants with an understanding of the college and helps answer any outstanding questions they may have. An Inside Look builds on that program to explore the college experience from the perspective of an underrepresented ALANA student.