January 31, 2023
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Faculty Council re-elects chair

Faculty Council Chair Gossa Tsegaye, assistant professor of television and radio, was re-elected Tuesday in an unopposed vote.

The council had planned to elect the members of its executive council, but because of ballot distribution problems, the election was postponed until September.

The Faculty Council is made up of 31 two-year term members from across the college. The council meets monthly to discuss factors including promotion and benefits.

Tsegaye, the first nontenured faculty member to be chair for two years, said he hopes the council will continue down its current path.

“I think we’re on the right track,” Tsegaye said. “We are very involved, very animated, very dedicated and we are ready to get things done.”

Don Lifton, associate professor of business and a member of the council, said it is “noteworthy” that Tsegaye was elected unopposed.

“He prefers a collaborative rather than an adversarial style of self-governance,” Lifton said. “[It] is appreciated by his colleagues.”

The discussion in Tuesday’s meeting centered largely on organizational awareness and communication between specific committees on campus. Tsegaye said next year the fostering of these ties will be a main priority for the council.

“All initiatives happening in the college need to be part of our awareness,” he said.