June 5, 2023
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IC alumni release book for aspiring physical therapists

Two Ithaca College alumni out of the Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training released a collaborative book as well as a podcast, both of which are targeted toward aspiring professionals in the field of physical therapy and movement science.

Tim Reynolds ’14, assistant professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training, and Bryan Guzski ’14, physical therapist at the University of Rochester Medical Center and owner of Motive Physical Therapy, met as first-year students in 2009. Their friendship continued throughout their residency at Cayuga Medical Center in 2015 to now. In 2019, the two alumni began creating their book called “Movers and Mentors: Leaders in Movement Science Share Tips, Tactics, and Stories” and published it in October 2021. The book features more than 75 experts in the field. They continued on to produce a podcast called “Movers and Shakers” on Confluent Health’s website, which features a special guest from their book each episode. 

“We were getting these rock stars within the industry that agreed to be part of this,” Reynolds said. “Every time we heard back from somebody it relit that fire and made this such a more exciting project.”

Guzski said they set the bar high when it came to who and who not to interview for the book.

“The clinicexpert clinicians that Tim and I were interested in following are pretty well known in the industry,” Guzski said. “Having the chance to ask them questions and pick their brain and be able to interact with these people that — in all honesty — I never perceived I would have the opportunity to speak to, and so that was one of those things I took a lot of satisfaction with over the last couple of years.”

Some of the professionals included in the book are Adriaan Louw and Louie Puentedura, who work at the International Spine and Pain Institute; Joshua Cleland, director of Research and Faculty Development in the Department of Physical Therapy at Tufts University in Massachusetts; Peter O’Sullivan, professor of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Curtin University in Perth, Australia; and Shirley Sahrmann, physical therapy professor at the Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri. 

Reynolds and Guzski said one of the most impactful mentors they have had is Mike Costello, associate professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at Ithaca College. 

When they were students, Reynolds and Guzski approached Costello about doing a residency with him at Cayuga Medical Center. 

“I was our internal resident while at Cayuga Medical Center,” Reynolds said. “So I had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Costello for the entire year, having hours of mentorship both formally and informally.”

Reynolds said Costello helped him to be where he is today, both at the college and at Cayuga Medical Center. 

“He helped me have the chance to become a staff clinician at Cayuga Medical Center the following year,” Reynolds said. “So, I was able to get rehired and [I] stayed in Ithaca, allowing me to accept a full-time position here at the college, still continue to treat patients at the medical center and teach in their residency program.” 

In August, Guzski founded Motive Physical Therapy, a mobile physical therapy practice that goes to the patient, instead of the patient going to it. The goal of the clinic is to make the patient feel well and strong enough to be able to do the things they love again.

Costello said that from the beginning, Reynolds and Guzski were different from other students he had. He said they seemed more determined about their future careers. 

“Before my role here at Ithaca College, I worked full-time at Cayuga Medical Center as the residency director,” Costello said. “I remember [Reynolds] asking to meet with me to inquire about the residency long before he graduated, which was highly unusual at the time, and then [Guzski] was not far behind.” 

Costello said he felt honored to be a part of the book and such a mentor to both Reynolds and Guzski. 

 “I am humbled that they hold me in such esteem,” Costello said. “To be included in a book with some of the people that they have included is also remarkably humbling.”

As a professor himself, Reynolds said he encourages his students to make connections with their professors. 

“We’re surrounded by a lot of individuals that have done amazing things in their profession,” Reynolds said. “Sometimes our students get so focused on the work that is due, or the class that they have, or the exam that’s coming up, that they do not have the opportunity to tap into those resources.”