March 20, 2023
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IC releases new Student Success Dashboard

On Feb. 23, Ithaca College released its Student Success Dashboard for students to view. The dashboard is a tool meant to help with student success and retention. 

The dashboard combines the college’s different information systems into one view. In an email to students, the Student Success Team said that students can access their dashboard through a link on

“The goal is to save your coaches and advisors time and give them a more holistic view of your IC experience,” the email said.

The college has released access to the dashboard software in waves. From Feb. 23–26, students were able to view their dashboard to make adjustments to the visibility of select information.

“You now have access to ‘My Success Dashboard’ which is a view designed specifically for you to see your own dashboard,” the email said. “It will help you understand which information can be viewed by others and allow you some control over what is visible.”

On Feb. 27, the dashboard was opened to select faculty and staff. In another email to students, sent Feb. 26, the Student Success Team reminded students to review their information before access expands.

Faculty and staff had to go through training to understand how to appropriately use the dashboard.

“Faculty and staff are told: ‘When in doubt, leave it out: If you aren’t sure if a colleague is allowed to have that information, don’t share it,’” the instructions said.

Before students view the dashboard, they go through a series of introductory instructions and clarifications.

Some information that the dashboard can display, depending on the viewer, includes academic information, co-curricular engagement, interests and athletics. 

Deans, academic service coordinators, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of the Provost, members of iCare and Center for Student Success and Retention staff can see every piece of information on the dashboard. Students have some control over which student organizations and which interests can be seen by all other viewers of the dashboard.

The dashboard also shows something called the Success Network, which is a collection of members of the campus community who play a role in individual students’ success. 

“[The dashboard] helps you understand who is on your ‘team’ — so you always have options for where to go for support,” the introduction read.

Once students access the dashboard, there is a section with frequently asked questions. The section explains which information on the dashboard remains confidential. The dashboard does not include information from Hammond Health Center, Title IX, the Office of Public Safety and Energy Management and other health and disciplinary information.

Information on the dashboard is updated daily. If data is incorrect, students can reach out to the Student Success Team to have it corrected.