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IC students to begin move-out process June 8

Ithaca College provided updates concerning logistics for the move-out process, which is set to begin June 8.

Dean of Students Bonnie Prunty; Marsha Dawson, director of the Office of Residential Life and the Office of Judicial Affairs; Jenny Pickett, assistant director of residential life; Ellyn Sellers-Selin, physician and medical services director; and Eric Nichols, director of Facilities Services, spoke at the event June 4, a meeting that was held over Zoom. Rosanna Ferro, vice president for student affairs and campus life, also attended. After the college transitioned to remote learning March 17, students who were not on campus over spring break were unable to retrieve their belongings.

Pickett said that phase one of move-out includes students who live in a region of New York state that was approved to begin reopening. The regions that have met the reopening metrics are the Capital region, central New York, the Finger Lakes region, the Mid-Hudson region, Mohawk Valley, North Country, the Southern Tier and Western New York.

Pickett said that phase two of the process, which includes students who live within four hours of the college and have met the reopening requirements, will begin June 23. Pickett said that New York will likely be included in phase two. New York is expected to begin phase one of the reopening process June 8. Phase three of move-out, which will begin July 7, includes students who live in all other places that have begun the reopening process.

Sellers-Selin said that those moving out should use hand sanitizer before and after leaving buildings. There are hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances and exits of all of the residence halls, but the college prefers those moving out to bring their own hand sanitizer, she said.

Sellers-Selin said elevators will be limited to one student and their helper. Drinking fountains and restrooms should not be used, and one parking space should be left between cars to maintain social-distancing practices.

“We know that people are going to want to walk around our beautiful campus, especially in the summer, it’s so lovely here,” Sellers-Selin said. “We want to remind people that buildings will be locked, and we really want people to social distance.”

She also said nonessential stops in Ithaca should be limited. The Southern Tier began phase two of reopening May 29, and restaurants in Ithaca have begun reopening with outdoor seating.

Students have three move-out options. They can pack their belongings and move out themselves with the help of one other person, have a chosen designee pack their belongings for them or have the college or a moving company pack and either store or ship the belongings to them.

Pickett said that for the second option, there will be signs on all of the residence halls that indicate what area office the hall is served by. She said the designee can call the office and will be granted access to the student’s room.

She said that when registering for move-out on Engage, students who need belongings stored must pick the college storing option, no matter how much or little they need to be stored. Students can return to campus to pack their belongings, but, if they have larger belongings they cannot bring home, the college can store them, Pickett said.

“If I was the one that came and packed, and I had five boxes and a minifridge I need stored, I would label them with my name, Jenny Pickett, and then ‘box one of five,’ ‘box two of five’ and the minifridge similarly with my name,” she said. “Everything you’re taking with you, you take with you, … and, on another day, the movers come and pick it up.”

Pickett said the college is using the Mail Services’ tracking system, so students will receive emails that will inform them their belongings have reached the college’s warehouse.

Pickett said that students who need the college to pack and store all their belongings must choose those options on the Engage form, and the Office of Residential Life will schedule a video conference with the student. This will begin the week of June 15.

During the video conference, students indicate what objects in the room are theirs and need to be packed, what is trash, what can be donated or what needs to be returned to other buildings, Pickett said.

After the video conference, staff members will pack up the belongings and ship them to the storing location. Pickett said students can decide to have almost all of their items stored but can have objects like clothes shipped to them. The college will ship items to students for free up to $30.

Dawson said more information is available on the Office of Residential Life website, and further questions can be sent to reslife@ithaca.edu.

“Though it’s brief and people will be coming in a structured, orderly fashion, we are excited to have our campus lively again and to have students here, even if it’s just for move-out,” she said.

Alexis Manore can be reached at amanore@ithaca.edu or via Twitter: @AlexisManore