November 28, 2022
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Ithaca College Business School renames student investment fund

The Ithaca College School of Business has renamed the student-managed portfolios from the Ithaca RealTime Fund to the South Hill Fund.

The decision was announced by Abraham Mulugetta, chair of finance and international business, at the 20th anniversary of the Center for Trading and Analysis of Financial Instruments on Sept. 26.  

The fund was established in 2008 with a donation from an anonymous person, giving students $100,000 in assets to manage and invest.

“He thinks students need to have a hands-on interactive experience,” Mulugetta said of the donor.

The fund now includes three separate reserves the equity portion, the Hedge Fund and the Fixed Income Fund that total over $800,000 in assets. Because of this, the fund is being renamed to better capture the diversity of the three sets of assets.

The equity fund, which is the original fund, now totals over $500,000 in assets. The other two reserves were added in the last three years.

Mulugetta said the original fund has expanded due to the performance of the students’ investments and further donations from the anonymous donor.

The fund now allows students to understand how multiple funds work, Mulugetta said.

“We want our students to be curious,” he said. “It is encompassing the whole gamut of what is going on in the capital market.”

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