February 2, 2023
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Music School to host youth prep program

A new summer program at Ithaca College’s Whalen School of Music hopes to offer aspiring young musicians collegiate experience and career guidance.

Kline said the programs will help students prepare for music careers.

The Summer Music Academy will consist of two residential instructional programs for music students, an intermediate division for grades four through eight and a high school division for grades nine through 12. College faculty members and music educators from programs across the United States will teach both programs.

Molly O’Shea, account manager for the School of Music, said there are many opportunities for students interested in the program.

“Intermediate and advanced students will be able to perform in large musical and chamber ensembles, receive instruction in master classes and music, and take non-music courses in order to help prepare students for college entry,” she said.

Tom Kline, director of music admission and preparatory programs, said the summer program  is the first step to developing the school’s outreach efforts to young musicians.

“Our goal for this first year is to deliver a dynamic pre-college experience to all participants,” he said. “If students are interested in pursuing music in the future, we will provide electives that prepare them for not only a degree, but a potential career of their choice.”

The Summer Music Academy arose from the faculty and administrators’ desire to offer a summer music experience for prospective students. The college hosted a number of similar programs in the past, but none were residential or under faculty ownership.

Students will not receive college credit for the programs, which will run from June 24 to July 9 and  June 24 to July 30 and are designed to mirror  the college’s undergraduate program. The high school division will cost participants $1,700 and the intermediate division will cost $750. Students will be housed in the residence halls.

Kline said the academy began accepting applicants Dec. 1 and students of all ages are already beginning to express interest.

“Currently we have almost 50 participants registered, so we are off to a very good start,” he said.

Kline said he hopes the program will eventually serve between 300 and 400 young musicians but has no expectations for this summer.

Robyn Lustbader, a junior music education and vocal performance major, said she is considering responding to the college’s request for student counselors.

“This is just another way to help get the word out there that this is a great school to go to for musicians,” Lustbader said.

More information is available at www.ithaca.edu/sma.