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Office of Human Resources begins search for vice president

The Office of Human Resources has begun its search to fill the vice president position.

Danette Johnson, vice provost of educational affairs, said the responsibilities of the vice president of HR will be to lead HR and “to move human resources into place as a strategic partner across campus.”


Danette Johnson

This position was created as an enhancement of the associate vice president role, intended to facilitate better and more efficient communication with the other vice presidents at the college.

“The vice presidents found themselves constantly having to bring this other person into the room, so we said, ‘Why not make that person a regular part of the group so that we have that expertise and that perspective in these bigger strategic conversations?’” Johnson said.

Mark Coldren, who formerly held the position, left the college in June to become the associate vice president for Human Resources at the University at Buffalo. Nancy Pringle, senior vice president and general council in the Department of Legal Affairs, is currently overseeing Human Resources while the position is open.

Johnson said HR is looking for candidates with leadership experience who will think analytically and strategically to move the institution forward as a whole. She said an understanding of issues of diversity and inclusion are also important, especially with the events that have occurred on campus this semester.

The final hiring decision will be made by Pringle, but Johnson said several factors come into play when choosing a candidate, including the input of the search committee, Faculty Council and the electronic feedback forms that are submitted.

“All of that coming in as data and information about the candidates allows us to give Nancy our best sense of the benefits and potential challenges of bringing the particular person in for this role,” Johnson said.

The first candidate, Brian Voigt, visited Ithaca College’s campus Dec. 7 and fielded a Q&A session with the campus community. Johnson said the second candidate will be coming to campus Dec. 10. She said they are hoping to make the official hire before the start of Spring 2016.

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