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Party drops bid for upcoming

After announcing its bid for the 2007–08 Student Government Association, one of two parties running for office announced its withdrawal Tuesday amid allegations the group plagiarized its opponent’s platform. This will be the first race to include only one party in five years.
The One Unity party was forced to forgo its candidacy because a member withdrew from the party Monday night, according to sophomore Michael Unis, president of the party.

Junior Josh Keniston, co-chair of the elections committee, said as of Wednesday night, he had not received official reports of plagiarism.

“The One Unity party has officially filed their resignation for their candidacy for the SGA e-board,” he said. “[But] there have been no formal grievances filed.”

The member who resigned, sophomore Candace Edwards, vice president of campus affairs, said she didn’t want to be associated with “something that was dishonest.”

Aaron Bloom, president of the opposing group, Party Remix, said he found evidence Unis plagiarized some of its platform.

“[They incorporated] a lot of the language that we used in our platform,” Bloom said.

Unis said plagiarism was not an issue with his campaign.

Zack Ford, president of SGA, said elections, to begin April 16, would follow normal procedure.

“It’s disappointing … because it’s harder to interest students in the issues that the party is running on.”

Bloom said he hopes to move forward with the campaign.

“It’s in the past,” he said. “I’d just like to look forward and see what’s ahead of us .”