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Public Safety Log: Oct. 10–16

October 10

Suspicious Letter


SUMMARY: Caller reported person sent email with unusual
statements. Investigation pending. Lt. Tom Dunn.

October 11

Petite Larceny

LOCATION: Phillips Hall

SUMMARY: Caller reported two people stealing chairs. Officer judicially referred one person. Patrol Officer John Tagliavento.

October 12


LOCATION: Circle Apartments

SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm. Activation caused by food caught on fire. Resident used extinguisher. Patrol Office Mayra Colon.


LOCATION: Lower Quad

SUMMARY: Title IX received report of person having sexual intercourse without consent with another person Aug. 15. Incident was not investigated by Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management. Title IX investigated and judicially referred one person. Lt. Tom Dunn.

October 13

Unlawful possession

LOCATION: Terrace 7

SUMMARY: During inspection, caller reported finding marijuana paraphernalia. Officer judicially referred two people. Patrol Officer Jenny Valentin.

October 14

Welfare check

LOCATION: Landon Hall

SUMMARY: Caller reported person abruptly left group text message. Master Patrol Officer Jon Elmore.

Petite larceny

LOCATION: Williams Hall

SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person stole medication. Patrol Officer Lance Clark.

October 15

SCC underage possession

LOCATION: West Tower

SUMMARY: Officer reported noise and judicially referred two people for noise and eight people for underage possession of alcohol. Patrol Officer John Tagliavento.

October 16

Property damage

LOCATION: Rowland Hall

SUMMARY: Caller reported person accidentally broke window of door. Master Patrol Officer Bob Jones.