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Public Safety Logs April 8-April 13

 April 8

Suspicious circumstances

Location: Substation Road

SUMMARY: Caller reported finding burnt papers in trash. Master Patrol Officer Jon Elmore responded.


Motor-vehicle accident/property damage 

Location: Circle Lot 2 

SUMMARY: Caller reported a two-vehicle property damage motor-vehicle accident. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmes responded to the incident. A report was taken.


Suspicious circumstance

Location: Farm Pond Road

SUMMARY: Caller reported unattended backpack on sidewalk. Officer unable to locate backpack. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock responded.


April 9

Fire alarm undetermined cause for alarm

Location: James J. Whalen Center for Music

SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm. Activation cause is unknown. Master Patrol Officer Bob Jones responded to the incident.


V&T leaving scene of accident 

Location: Circle Lot 1

SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown vehicle damaged a parked vehicle and left the area. Patrol Officer Brian Verzosa responded.


April 10

Fire alarm accidental

Location: Facilities Storage Building

SUMMARY: Simplex reported a fire alarm. Activation due to burnt food. Master Patrol Officer Jon Elmore responded to the incident. 


Harassment 2nd Degree 

Location: West Tower

SUMMARY: Caller reported known person sending verbal threats to another person. Officer judicially referred one person for harassment.


Medical assist/injury-related

Location: Fitness Center 

SUMMARY: Caller reported person injured while playing basketball. Officer reported one person transported to the health center.


Accidental property damage

Location: K-Lot

SUMMARY: Caller reported baseball accidentally broke window of vehicle. Patrol Officer Bryan Verzosa responded to the incident.


Medical assist/injury related

Location: East Tower

SUMMARY: Caller reported falling and hitting head on concrete. Medical attention declined. Patrol Officer Brian Verzosa responded.


April 11

SCC College regulations

Location: A-Lot

SUMMARY:  Parking services reported person parked vehicle when privileges are revoked. Officer judicially referred one person.


Suspicious letter/email/correspondence

Location: Circle Apartments Building 12

SUMMARY: Caller reported person sent fictitious email. Assistance was provided.


Check on the welfare

Location: Roy H. Park Hall

SUMMARY: Caller reported third-hand information that a person was behaving strangely. 


Fire alarm smoldering

Location: F-Lot

SUMMARY:  Caller reported smoke coming from a cigarette receptacle. It was extinguished with water. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock responded to the incident.


April 12

Change in case status

Location: Gannett Center 

SUMMARY: Officer reported person who had been exhibiting strange behavior earlier this date in Roy H. Park Hall was located. Person taken under custody under mental hygiene law and hospitalized. 


Check on the welfare

Location: West Tower 

SUMMARY: Caller reported person upset about a grade on a test. Officer determined person did not need assistance.  


April 13

Suspicious circumstance

Location: Landon Hall 

SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person threw chair down stairwell and it was blocking a door. Officer determined chair was just propping the door open. Sergeant Don Lyke responded. 


SCC irresponsible use of alcohol

Location: Emerson Hall

SUMMARY: Caller reported intoxicated person. Person was judicially referred for irresponsible alcohol use and transported to hospital. Sergeant Don Lyke responded to the incident.


SCC disruptive/excessive noise

Location: J-Lot

SUMMARY: Caller reported persons yelling obscenities. Officer referred one person for violation of noise policy. Safety Officer Clayton Skinner responded to the incident. 


Criminal mischief 4th Degree

Location: East Tower 

SUMMARY: Caller reported that unknown person damaged ceiling tiles. Patrol Officer Kevin McClain responded tothe incident.