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Public Safety Logs March 18-March 23

March 18

Medical Assistance

Location: Hammond Health Center 

SUMMARY: Caller reported person taken into custody under mental hygiene law. Officer transported person to the hospital. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock responded to the incident.


Harassment Second Degree

Location: East Tower

SUMMARY: Caller reported person sending unwanted text messages and phone calls. Patrol Officer Neena Testa responded.


V&T Leaving Scene of an Accident

Location: N-Lot

SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown vehicle damaged a parked vehicle and left the scene. Patrol Officer Dan Redder responded.


Motor Vehicle accident/Property Damage

Location: S-Lot

SUMMARY: Officer reported a car/curb property damage motor-vehicle accident. Patrol Officer Dan Redder responded.   


Medical Assistance/Illness-Related

Location: Circle Apartments

SUMMARY: Caller reported person having asthma attack. Officer reported person was not in respiratory distress, and medical assistance was declined. Master Patrol Officer Bob Jones responded.


March 19

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Activation

Location: Garden Apartments

SUMMARY: Simplex reported carbon monoxide activation. Activation caused by detector being knocked loose. Alarm was accidental.


SCC Acts of Dishonesty

Location: J-Lot

SUMMARY: Officer reported vehicle with fraudulent parking permit. Sergeant Officer Dan Merchant judicially referred one person for acts of dishonesty.   


Criminal Mischief fourth degree

Location: Bogart Hall  

SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person damaged furniture. Master Patrol Officer Jon Elmore responded to the incident. 


Fire Alarm Accidental

Location: Circle Apartments

SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm. Activation caused by burnt food. Master Patrol Officer Bob Jones responded and determined the alarm was accidental.


March 20

SCC Disruptive/Excessive Noise

Location: East Tower

SUMMARY: Caller reported noise violation. Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol judicially referred one person for noise violation and fire safety violations.


Harassment Second Degree

Location: Terrace 10 

SUMMARY: Caller reported person  that made a threat to harm an animal. Patrol Officer Kevin McClain responded to the incident.


V&T License Violation

Location: Terraces

SUMMARY: Person found a wallet and turned it over to Public Safety. Officer determined wallet had fictitious license inside. Patrol Officer Kevin McClain responded to the incident. An investigation is pending.


Change in Case Status 

Location: Office of Public Safety

SUMMARY: Master Patrol Officer Waylon Degraw interviewed a person regarding a threat made against an animal. Officer judicially referred one person for harassment. 


Making Graffiti

Location: Smiddy Hall 

SUMMARY: Caller reported that an unknown person wrote graffiti on several white boards. Patrol Officer Mayra Colon responded. 


March 21

Medical Assist/Illness

Location: Terrace 6

SUMMARY: Caller reported severe stomach pain. Person was transported to hospital by ambulance. Master Patrol Officer John Tagliavento responded to the incident.


Assist NY State Police

Location: Route 96B

SUMMARY: Caller reported a two-car motor-vehicle accident. Two individuals were transported to the hospital. 


March 22

Unlawful Possession of Marijuana

Location: Terrace 3

SUMMARY: Caller reported odor of marijuana. Officer judicially referred one person for unlawful possession of marijuana and violating the drug policy. 


Scc Irresponsible use of Alcohol

Location: Circle Apartments

SUMMARY: Caller reported person having seizures. Person declined assistance and was judicially referred for irresponsible use of alcohol.


March 23

V&T License Violations

Location: Conservatory Drive

SUMMARY: Caller reported intoxicated person vomiting. Officer judicially referred one individual for irresponsible use of alcohol and possession of a fictitious license. Master Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw responded to the incident.


Check on the Welfare

Location: Terrace 8

SUMMARY: Caller reported yelling and loud thumping. Patrol Officer Bryan Verzosa determined one person was upset about noise in the building. Officer provided assistance with the matter.