February 3, 2023
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Public Safety Logs Oct. 12-18

Oct. 12

Student Conduct Code

LOCATION: Unknown Location

SUMMARY: Caller reported thirdhand information that an unknown person disrupted a virtual college social event. Master Patrol Officer Bryan Verzosa responded.


Oct. 13

Illegal Disposal of Solid Waste


SUMMARY: Caller reported a person parking in the lot and throwing cigarette butts on the ground. The officer issued the operator of the vehicle a warning and advised to dispose of trash appropriately. Patrol Officer Mayra Colon responded.


Medical Assist/Injury Related


SUMMARY: Officer reported a person fell and injured themself while moving items. The person declined medical attention. Master Patrol Officer Bryan Verzosa responded.


Oct. 14

Check on the Welfare

LOCATION: Tower Skyline Drive

SUMMARY: The Office of Environmental Health and Safety reported thirdhand information that a person was sitting in a tree high off the ground. The officer reported the person was located and given a warning for personal safety. Master Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw responded.


Petit Larceny Between $50$199

LOCATION: Center for Natural Sciences

SUMMARY: The officer reported a fire extinguisher missing from its proper location. The fire extinguisher was located in the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Patrol Officer Joe Opper responded.


Oct. 17

Off-Campus Incident

LOCATION: State Route 96B

SUMMARY: Caller reported what sounded like a motor vehicle accident. The officer reported locating a motor vehicle accident off campus on Danby Road. The officer assisted with monitoring traffic and scene security until New York State Police arrived. Sergeant Chris Teribury responded.

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