January 29, 2023
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Public Safety Logs Oct. 19–Oct. 25

Oct. 19

Motor Vehicle Accident/Property Damage 


SUMMARY: Patrol Officer Daniel Redder reported a vehicle struck a traffic bollard.


Illegal Disposal of Solid Waste 

LOCATION: Grant Egbert Boulevard East 

SUMMARY: Person reported an individual illegally dumped garbage in a dumpster. The person was judicially referred for illegally dumping garbage. Patrol Officer Kevin McClain responded. 


Medical Assist 

LOCATION: The Campus Center 

SUMMARY: Caller requested that the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management make contact with Dining Services in regard to a possible allergic reaction to food. Patrol Officer Khiem Nguyen responded.


Oct. 20

Suspicious Circumstance 

LOCATION: Circles Apartment Building 190 

SUMMARY: Patrol Officer Khiem Nguyen reported finding a vehicle with an open door. The officer was unable to locate the operator of the vehicle. The door was secured. 


Oct. 22

OffCampus Incident 

LOCATION: All other

SUMMARY: Caller reported being unable to make contact with a person. The caller requested a check on the welfare of the person. Master Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw reported the person lives off campus and a local police department was unable to make contact with the person. 


Oct. 23 

Scheme to Defraud Second Degree 

LOCATION: All other 

SUMMARY: Caller reported an unknown person solicited the purchase of gift cards for fraudulent means. Patrol Officer Shawn Lansing responded.


Suspicious Person ✓

LOCATION: Freeman Field 

SUMMARY: Patrol Officer Joe Opper reported observing a person walking in a closed area. The officer issued the person a warning for conduct code violation. 


Oct. 25 

Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 

LOCATION: The Circle Apartments 

SUMMARY: Caller reported the odor of marijuana. Master Patrol Officer Bob Jones reported two persons were referred for college drug policy violations. One person was referred for unlawful possession of marijuana and student conduct violations for underage possession of alcohol and a dangerous weapon.