May 28, 2023
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Residents criticize lack of lounges

This year’s focus groups concerning residential experiences found that students are frustrated about losing their lounges.

Lounges in all the residence halls, except Terrace 13, were turned into dorm rooms to house the surplus of first-year residents last year.

Sophomore Kelly McKenna said she was frustrated that lounges are occupied, and she has no place to escape to in her building.

“I feel so trapped in my room; it’s like living in a box.” she said. “When it comes to being home, it’d be nice to have another place to go.”

The hour-long focus groups, which are held every other spring by the offices of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs, began April 7 and will end today. Beth O’Neill, area coordinator of Residential Life, said the purpose of the groups is to learn what students would like to see improved.

Ron Trunzo, associate director of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs, said he has heard a lot of feedback from students who are frustrated because of the lounges.

“Students feel that they need that as an additional place to study and gather,” he said.

In an April 14 focus group for students living in Emerson Hall and the Quads, three participants, including sophomore Caroline Hughes, said they wanted a card-swipe system that would allow all on-campus students to gain admittance to any residential building.

Hughes said she has no problem spending an hour of her time to make the campus a little bit better.

“You do hear a lot of talk [from students], and they’re looking for action,” she said.