January 29, 2023
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School of Music seeks interdisciplinary project collaboration

In response to goals set by the IC20/20 initiative, the Ithaca College School of Music has formed a new creativity committee to collaborate with other schools and majors on campus.

Students and faculty interested in working with the music school on interdisciplinary projects are encouraged to send their ideas to the committee for consideration and review.

Dana Wilson, a professor of music theory, history and composition and appointed chair of the committee, said the committee is currently consulting with music school faculty to generate a list of recommendations as to how the school can foster more creative initiatives within other schools on campus and the wider community.

“The school of music is constantly looking for new ways to make its student and faculty experiences more vital and vibrant,” he said. “As a result of the IC20/20 program, we want our school to find ways to interact with others in new and profound ways.”

Steven Mauk, dean of the music school, said Gregory Woodward, current interim provost and former music school dean, originally came up with the idea to form the committee last year, before the IC20/20 program was established.

“He felt that this was important to keeping the school of music innovative and forward-looking in planning its course syllabi and curriculum,” he said. “Now, thanks to the new goals we have set, his plan is finally being put into practice.”

Mauk said both he and Woodward felt Wilson was the perfect candidate for the job.

“Dr. Wilson is one of the most dedicated and creative members of the school of music faculty,” he said.