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SGA outlines 2010 plans

Senior Kevin Fish, Student Government Association president, works Tuesday in the Student Activities Center. SGA is currently holding elections. KELSEY O’CONNOR/THE ITHACAN

The board’s main goal this year is to eliminate the existing separation between SGA and the campus community, Fish said.

“[I hope] to improve our transparency among the student population so they can really see what we are doing,” Fish said.

Fish said in the past years, SGA tried to become more available to the student body. Last year’s president, Jeff Goodwin ‘10 tried to improve communication between student organizations and SGA by creating a fun and friendly environment at meetings. Many times, SGA conducted themed meetings, where some senators and visitors were invited to come dressed in themed attire.

Fish said his executive board also hopes to add quick printing stations to the library, build a shuttle that will provide transportation to and from the Circle Apartments, streamline the budget process, add a student to the college budget committee and make it easier for athletes to fit senior seminars into their schedule.

Senior Ruthanne Goff, vice president of business and finance, said she wants to streamline the budget process by making the allocation documents fewer and more user-friendly to cut down on redundancy.

“We are here as a resource, not as this dominating government body,” Goff said. “Making that process as efficient as possible is really what we are searching for.”

Goff also said she hopes to continue what her predecessor, senior Brian Keefe, started by placing a student-at-large in the college’s budget committee who can voice the student body’s concerns and goals.

Senior Morgan Ewing, vice president  of academics, said he has two main objectives this year. First he said he hopes to implement an efficient printing system in the library, where students will have several “quick printing stations” available to them.  He also said he plans to adjust the time of senior seminars, which are currently scheduled after 4 p.m.

“This can create a very serious problem for our student athletes,” Ewing said.

There are 10 open senatorial positions on SGA; four freshmen senators, two juniors, one senior, one transfer student, one from the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies and one graduate senator.

In order to run for senate, potential candidates will be required to fill out an application packet, which is available online, and gather 20 signatures from constituents. Both materials are due Wednesday.

The student body will be able to cast their vote online beginning Sept. 15, and the final results will be revealed Sept. 17.

Ultimately, SGA wants to reach out to students so they understand what to expect from the organization this year.

“[We want to start] getting to know our constituents and talking to them to see what it is they want improved on campus,” Fish said.