June 6, 2023
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SGC announces 2023–24 executive board and senate members

The Student Governance Council released the elected candidates April 25 that will serve on the executive board and senate during the 2023–24 academic year.

The candidates presented their campaign platforms April 18 and voting occurred April 20 to 24 through a form on IC Engage. For this election cycle, all positions were available to run for including five executive board positions and 24 senate positions. There were seven executive board candidates of which five were elected to the available positions and 10 senate candidates who all ran unopposed and were elected. 

In previous years, candidates for the e-board were required to run as a slate of candidates with a collective platform. This election was restructured by a bill passed April 5 that allowed e-board candidates to run individually with an independent platform. Senior Austin Ruffino, the senate chair for the 2022–23 academic year, said via email that the SGC is not releasing vote counts this year.

“We’ve decided not to share the specific vote counts as the Elections Committee has determined there isn’t much of a purpose in doing so,” Ruffino said. “Our advisor is the only one who has access to see the specific results on Engage, so she told our committee the names of the winners and that’s it.”There were 310 student voters for this election cycle, which is an increase in voters from Spring 2022 which had 122 total voters, according to Ruffino.


Elected Candidates

Junior Carli McConnell has been elected as the president of the student body. McConnell ran against first-year student Matthew Williams.

First-year student Rishabh Sen has been re-elected as the vice president of campus affairs and ran against sophomore Hannah Ahmed, current Class of 2025 senator. Junior Quinn Tufino ran unopposed for vice president of academic affairs and was elected, taking over the position from senior Tessa Kurtz. Junior Noah Strathmann ran unopposed for vice president of business and finance and was re-elected. First-year student Caleb Cackowski, current senator-at-large, ran unopposed for vice president of communications and was elected, taking over the position from senior Maya Scriven.

No changes were made to the structure of the senator elections and all senator candidates ran unopposed. First-year students Eleanor Paterson and Asata Rothblatt ran for the two Class of 2026 senator positions and were both re-elected. Sophomore Cameron Small was elected as the Class of 2025 senator and ran alone, leaving the second Class of 2025 representative position unfilled. Sophomore Kathi Hodel was elected as a senator-at-large and ran alone, leaving four unfilled senator-at-large positions. Junior Utkarsh Maini was re-elected as the School of Business senator. First-year student Lili Chaflant was re-elected as the School of Communications senator. First-year student Nicole Sutera was re-elected as the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance senator. Junior Blake Matthews was elected as the new transfer senator. First-year student Baneet Pukhrambam was elected as the international senator. Junior Noah Kamens was elected as the club athlete senator.


Positions currently unfilled 

The 14 remaining senate positions that are unfilled will be open to run for in the Fall 2023 elections. The vice president of residential affairs will also be elected in Fall 2023 because the position was just created at the SGC meeting April 24. At the SGC meeting May 1, the senate chair will be selected by the new senate and the chief of staff will be selected by McConnell. 

The SGC is the sole representative body for the Ithaca College student community. The SGC can be contacted at sgc@ithaca.edu.

Lorien Tyne can be reached at ltyne@ithaca.edu