November 26, 2022
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Sustainability RLC cancelled due to low number of applicants

After having only five students apply to participate in the Sustainably Conscious Living Residential Learning Community next year, the Office of Residential Life has decided to cancel the community.

Bonnie Prunty, director of Residential Life, said the community required about 30 spaces to be filled, and since there were only five applicants, the decision was made to not continue housing for the sustainable community.

RLCs are options for students to live in special housing groups that present certain objectives and goals for the school year. The communities are also based on personal interest — in the case of Sustainably Conscious Living, the students focus on how to have a sustainable living experience at Ithaca College.

Sophomore Natalie Grande, a resident assistant for the Sustainably Conscious Living community, said she believes the cancellation was due to poor promotion for the learning community, which led to low enrollment in the program.

“There are poor numbers because of poor marketing and the separation of First-Year Residential Experience and Residential Learning Communities,” Grande said. “So first-years have to live in residential housing, and they don’t have the option to live in RLCs.”

Josh Enderle, a sophomore environmental studies major and a current resident of the Sustainably Conscious Living RLC, said the close-knit group of students living in the Sustainably Conscious Living community are a “little upset” about their community being canceled for next year. He said he hopes this cancellation will bring up an opportunity to reflect on what can be done in the future to possibly bring it back.

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