November 26, 2022
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Tampering stops elevator

Extensive damage to an elevator shaft in West Tower shut down both of its elevators early Sunday morning.

Tom Dunn, investigator for the Office of Public Safety, said the damage was caused by glass bottles being thrown down the shaft after students on the fourth floor were able to force open the outer set of elevator doors.

The bottles were put on the track between the elevator car and the Tower floor, Dunn said. When the car was called up to another floor, the bottles fell six stories to the pit at the bottom of the shaft.

Dunn said Public Safety was called to the scene twice during the night. When officers arrived the second time, the elevator car was stuck on the fifth floor.

“But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t going up and down while they were messing with it,” Dunn said.

Dunn said repairs began Sunday but weren’t finished until Tuesday, inconveniencing some West Tower residents.

Sophomore Jose Vazquez said he noticed a difference in having only one working elevator.

“There were some serious crowds,” Vazquez said.

Sophomore Resident Assistant Meaghan McTammany lives on the 10th floor but said she wasn’t too inconvenienced.

“You just press the button a couple minutes earlier before class than you normally would,” McTammany said. “It was only for one day.”

Dunn said Public Safety is looking for the people responsible.